[Vmail-discuss] Strange Routing? on subdomain.domain.com

Gerald Freymann gerry@interpool.ca
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:14:16 -0400

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 19:07:42 +0200
"Simone Nanetti, AGS s.n.c." <simone@agiesse.net> wrote:

> i have some questions:
> i don't understand what you mean for "virtual email hosting onany
> machine"

 I was just stating that the way you worded your initial reply would mean
virtual email addresses would not work on any machine.

 The main domain on this box is scaryg.shacknet.nu. I'm using Exim-Mysql,
Vmail-sql and tpop3d to allow this machine to accept mail for other
domains in addition to the local domain.

> when an email is sent to user@... from outside world.. what is the
> returned error message?

 See my original post. Even if an email is correctly addressed to
user@wardlock.interpool.ca, during the SMTP talk, it magically changes to
user@interpool.ca and then gets returned as User Unknown.

 This is my dilemna! lol

 Messages sent from computers on my internal LAN are handled properly.

> what linux distribution?

 FreeBSD 4.4R

> probably, you have some configuration mistmatch of your VmailSQL
> installation or exim configuration on the smtp server.

 That's my guess. Now to find out what is wonky.