[Vmail-discuss] pop before smtp question

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Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:16:01 +0100

I have an hack on an older tpop3d  server, to update a timestamp field in my
mysql DB ( i have stored the emailadresses in mysql)
and then i tested with exim if the sending emailadress hat fetched mail
during the last 15 minutes .   But this hack isnt the real best one, because
u can only send mails with mailadresses who have a pop3 box, AND if someone
knows your mailadress, he can send also during this 15 minutes timewindow
( there is no IP - limitation).
In the newest tpop3d server there seems to be a posibility to get the IP of
the caller, so at the momenten im trying to change tpop3d so that it is
saving  the IP  in the database ( in the authentication functions there is a
new calling value implemented, const char *host /* unused */, so im trying
to work with this one).
Then with exim i can look into db if the IP has fetched mail during the last
10 minutes or so.

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> I am looking at getting pop before smtp going with my exim/tpop3d/vmail
> setup. I have looked at the exim faq, and they have some stuff in there
> about pop before smtp. The only problem I have with it is that they have
> 4 different scripts that run, and they make files in all kinds of places
> and stuff. I am not comfortable with all of that. I have previously used
> a pop-before-smtp perl script from
> http://people.oven.com/bet/pop-before-smtp/ with postfix which has
> worked flawlessly.
> Does anyone know if there is a similar script floating around to run
> with exim and tpop3d? If I had any perl skills at all, I would try to
> hack the script to work with exim and tpop3d.
> Any input or suggestions are appreciated.
> Ian
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