[Vmail-discuss] pop before smtp question

Odhiambo Washington wash@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:19:11 +0300

* Ian Wormsbecker <i.wormsbecker@uleth.ca> [20020122 23:06]: wrote:
> I am looking at getting pop before smtp going with my exim/tpop3d/vmail
> setup. I have looked at the exim faq, and they have some stuff in there
> about pop before smtp. The only problem I have with it is that they have
> 4 different scripts that run, and they make files in all kinds of places
> and stuff. I am not comfortable with all of that. I have previously used
> a pop-before-smtp perl script from
> http://people.oven.com/bet/pop-before-smtp/ with postfix which has
> worked flawlessly. 
> Does anyone know if there is a similar script floating around to run
> with exim and tpop3d? If I had any perl skills at all, I would try to
> hack the script to work with exim and tpop3d. 

1. From the FAQ (http://www.exim.org)

Q0806: How can I get POP-auth-before-relay support in Exim?

A0806: See http://cc.ysu.edu/~doug/exim-pop.tar.Z
<http://cc.ysu.edu/%7Edoug/exim-pop.tar.Z> which has some scripts for
this, courtesy of Doug S <doug@cc.ysu.edu <mailto:doug@cc.ysu.edu>>.


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