[Vmail-discuss] VMAIL and Maildir deliveries

Jakob Hirsch jh@xxxxxxxx
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 19:44:55 +0200

Chris Lightfoot <chris@ex-parrot.com> wrote:

> Not much. It does create directories for the domains,
> which is fine. However, it does create zero-length files
> for the mailboxes (VE-popbox and the equivalent CGI
> script). This would have to be changed, probably most

Oh, I was not aware of this "feature". What's the reason for it? I only
find it useful if the user as which exim delivers mail to a bsd-mailbox
is not allowed to create files in the directory (i.e. has no
write-access to the directory).

> easily by removing this functionality and having Exim
> create the maildirs upon first delivery.

Sure, Exim does it very fine.