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Mon, 26 Nov 2007 01:41:59 -0400

Radisson Raves as E tG U cuts energy cost by 30%

The top 5 Things you should be considering over the holiday:

1. Energy problems are a Global issue
2. Government sees no real relief in sight. Corporations are finding
their own way out.
3. EnerBrite (ETGu) provides real solutions to energy costs, reducing
them as much as 30%.
4. Already, Hotels like Radisson and Clarion are boasting eTgU's
solution helps them meet the challenge of energy in today's market.
5. This coming week a marketing campaign will increase investor
awareness and boost share prices.

The past week has been an absolute frenzy on eT G U. Trading has gone
through the roof and Market Makers have been buying up large blocks to
take control of the trading next week. Act fast on Monday and get in on
the action expected next week.