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Sun, 25 Nov 2007 16:47:09 -0800

EtgU Bails Out Hotels In Energy Crisis

You need to know these 5 facts on Monday:

1. Energy problems are a Global issue
2. Government sees no real relief in sight. Corporations are finding
their own way out.
3. SensorStat, is already providing huge relief to businesses in Florida
with reductions as high as 30 percent.
4. One facility after another is boasting the huge savings ET g u's
SensorStat has brought to their business.
5. A planned media campaign next week will be drawing both investors and
brokers to the table.

etG u has been doing heavy trading all week. During the Holiday Market
makers are pushed the price down and grabbed huge blocks of shares in
anticipation of the coming weeks trading. Move fast on Monday and get in
before this continues to rise.