[Vmail-discuss] The Weekend Update

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Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:41:37 -0500

e t g U set to go through roof

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
ETg u

The top 5 Things you should be considering.

1. The energy problems of the world are killing business left and right.
2. Corporations are frantic to find real solutions to rising energy bills
3. SensorStat, is already providing huge relief to businesses in Florida
with reductions as high as 30 percent.
4. Hotels and other large facilities are already boast in the news about
the relief ET GU has brought to there energy problems.
5. A planned media campaign next week will be drawing both investors and
brokers to the table.

Few penny stocks have the sizzle this company does. Look at the price,
read the latest news, and see just how little it has to move to provide
you great returns on your investment dollar. Set your buy for early