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Mon, 19 Nov 2007 06:57:52 +0100

et G U has bright future as they provide haven from energy crisis

EnerBrite Technologies Group, Inc.
e T G U

5 Things you should know

1. Energy problems are a Global issue
2. Companies are seeking their own solutions to reducing energy costs to
save their business.
3. EnerBrite's proven system reduces energy costs by as much as 30%.
4. One facility after another is boasting the huge savings ET Gu's
SensorStat has brought to their business.
5. Huge media coverage on e t g U next week will draw attention from
investors and brokers alike.

E Tg U is a penny stock that has the easy potential in light of recent
releases to climb hard and fast. Investors who get in early maximize
their potential returns. Read the recent news and get on Etgu first
thing Monday.