[Vmail-discuss] Market projects look negative and investors look for shelter.

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Fri, 16 Nov 2007 15:55:18 +0100

Day Trader Watch Report
Gold on continuing rise as choppy market worries investors.

Hemisphere Gold Inc (HPGI)

"Given the trend of the current trend, we envisage further gains, with
no serious reversal until $850 to $870 at the earliest," said analysts
at Commerzbank. "However, if gold manages to hold on above the latter
figure for any length of time, it could then overshoot and advance
rapidly to as much as much as $1,000," Promising future for gold pushes
investors to move to safer ground amid a falling dollar and negative
corporate forecasts.

In this growing market companies like Hemisphere Gold are showing a
promising future due to there recent gold findings in South America. The
last 30 days has seen an increase in share prices of over 115%.

Next week Hemisphere has scheduled an extensive media release to rally
investors as they prepare to close the final stages of exploration of
could very well prove to be an 800 million dollar mining operation. Get
on HPGI Friday.