[Vmail-discuss] More investors look for ways to shelter from the storm.

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Thu, 15 Nov 2007 21:53:40 -0500

Economic Alert
Failing integrity in market and US Dollar pushes investors to stability
of Gold!

Hemisphere Gold Inc (HPGI)

Peter Spina, an analyst at GoldSeek stated. "Integrity in our financial
institutions and the U.S. dollar are falling quickly. Restoring
confidence is very difficult to undertake with current circumstances,
and the result is greater interest in real money. Gold's integrity does
not need to be questioned, and that brings a level of confidence the
U.S. dollar simply cannot produce as it loses its global appeal," Gold
markets are continuing to climb as the dollar just cannot provide the
stability investors are looking for.

Amid this rising gold market exploration for new gold deposits are on
the rise. Hemisphere Gold Inc. has been fronting the market with
continued releases on their gold findings in the new Gold Belt of South

Take the time to read up on Hemisphere and review the website. This
company is in the final stages of advanced exploration and then the next
step is to begin mining the rich deposits they have discovered. Move on
this Friday as next weeks media release will surely drive prices even