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   Before he went into the house after his evening chores were done, he stopped for a moment and looked back at the cleft in the mountain wall through which the railroad left the valley. He had been looking longingly toward that door of escape all his life, and now he said good-by to it. Ah well, twant to be, he said, with an accent of weary finality; but then, suddenly out of the chill which oppressed his heart there sprang a last searing blast of astonished anguish. It was as if he realized for the first time all that had befallen him since the morning. He was racked by a horrified desolation that made his sturdy old body stagger as if under an unexpected blow. As he reeled he flung his arm about the pine tree and so stood for a time, shaking in a paroxysm which left him breathless when it passed. 
   Uncle Jehiel, it does seem to me I cant have it so! All my life Ive looked forward to bein a sailor and goin around the world, and all. I just hate the valley and the mountains! But I guess I got to stay. Shes only my step-mother, I know, but she was always awful good to me, and she hasnt got anybody else to look after her. His voice broke, and he put his arm up in a crook over his face. But its awful hard! I feel like a bird thats got caught in a snare.