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CAON Owns Patent To Change Global Construction!

Chan-On International Inc.
Symbol: CAON
Close: $0.75 UP

Among the 12 patents CAON recently acquired is a design for turning
industrial plastic and ash waste into wallboard to replace drywall. it
is not only a reduction in cost for developers, it is environmentally
safe and longer lasting than regular drywall. This company has the edge.
Get on CAON first thing Wednesday.

She is so skinny her face is starting to get that skeletal look and her
eyes are actually sunken in.

Serena is immediately screaming at her about calling me to tattle.
Basically, taking all this into account our search is almost exclusive
to one city.

Sunday it stormed terribly all day. I had the attorney look over a
letter the landlord sent us outlining his intentions for the property
and giving us official written notice to get out.
His psychopathic father put him through hell and I know it was a hard
life for him without us but he seems to be turning out like his father
in so many ways. The gentleman does not think the surrounding tenants
would appreciate his leasing to us. Toronto got one run back in the

It's not that she isn't friendly anymore but there is no doubt a change
in her attitude.

"I don't have any thoughts about Barry, I don't even know how to spell
his name," Aaron quipped. Diamond usually shoves her panties in his
mouth to absorb his whimpering.

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I was the less than clever one left with the sooty frown.