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JULY 12th!

Company: Vision Airships, Inc.
Symbol: VPSN
Price: 0.50
5-day Target: 1.50
Current Rating: Strong Buy

Vision Airships is set to become a worldwide operator of blimps used for
advertising around the world. News Is Out! Vision Airships Inc.
Expansion Plans in the Works. ADD VPSN TO YOUR RADAR NOW, AND WATCH IT

" Donna Thomas, President of the PFHO said, "This loan  program has been
extremely successful for several reasons. Raines announced today. " and
described  how contagion would affect others should one experience
problems. The powerful storms  of President's Day dropped
record-breaking snows in many cities, including  Indianapolis,
Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Clarksburg, W. The case arose from a
coffee-shop meeting in Washington,  D. That has been our experience 
with financial firms again and again"Should such a situation  arise then
"the enormous scale of their liabilities could create  a massive problem
in the credit markets.

Equally important, we believe that the proposals,  if implemented in
their present form, would effectively close the door  to future entry
into our industry by small businesses," commented Kosin.

"In many of these  areas, the rate of increase is beginning to or
already has started  to slip," stated Bozorgi. Mortgage-backed
securities lead U. "As small business people  committed to our
communities, we urge HUD to amend its rule and 'open  the poke,' so
consumers can see what they get for their money," Hummel  concluded. ;
and Standard Mortgage Corporation. Indeed, it can  be argued that a
failure to pass the administration's growth plan would  negatively
impact LIHTC prices. Commerce  Department's Census Bureau.

"Increases  in insurance premiums for rental housing have dramatically
raised expenses  for providers of affordable rental housing," Whatley
This  action could potentially expose mortgage lenders to damages and
expenses  associated with foreclosure delays, thus limiting their
ability to  make new loans, for an indefinite period of time.
Martinez, Watt and Hayes spoke at the ground breaking of a new
affordable  townhome project in the predominantly minority neighborhood
of Lincoln  Heights. Raines announced today.
"For some transactions,  a simple 'valuation' by a computer may be
adequate, but a physical  inspection is often essential to a valid

Karatz added: "Colony is a first-rate homebuilder with a strong history
and outstanding reputation for providing quality homes at affordable

Additional courses are already scheduled for Fort Worth and Midland.

He  argued that it was not possible until well after the event to
determine  whether prices or quantities have deviated from sustainable

"Initially, the securities will be available  through a small dealer
group consisting of Citigroup, Credit Suisse  First Boston, Deutsche
Bank Securities, Goldman Sachs, J.
Historical seasonal fluctuations  and business cycles in the residential
housing market were taken as  evidence of the construction industrys
ability to cope with these costs. Historically low interest  rates and
an increasing federal deficit set the stage for the record  year,
according to a research  report released today by The Bond Market
Association. Together,  we lead the market in serving Americans of color
and modest means. The powerful storms  of President's Day dropped
record-breaking snows in many cities, including  Indianapolis,
Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Clarksburg, W.

Bank  One will offer mortgages for both single- and multi-family homes.