[Vmail-discuss] I wona to run script when I got a message...

Benoit Lathiere b.lathiere at ism.asso.fr
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:51:22 +0200

Hi !

To solve this, I do a couple of forwardings :
in Vmail-sql, I forward the address to local alias, and in my /etc/aliases I forward the locl alias 
to the pipe.

1- VE-forwarder vdomain.org email 'email@localdomain.org'
2- in /etc/aliases : `email : "| /path/of/my/script"`

Remember that Vmail-sql can't user pipes in these forwarders.



Nick a écrit:
> Hello!
> I've use exim and vmail-sql like mysql base.
> Can I put into forwarder table an entry (remote_name field) like this
> "some@address.org , | /usr/local/bin/my_script.pl -f ${sender_address}"
> for forwarding the message to some@address.org and procesing it with a
> my script?
> Thank you.
> Nick.