[Vmail-discuss] forwarder problem

Simone Nanetti, A.G.S. s.n.c. simone@agiesse.net
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 18:26:43 +0100

I have a little problem:

i have configured a "domain.com" and an user like "info@domain.com".
if I send an email to this user, the user receive correctly my mail.

ok, now i create an alias "firstname.secondname@domain.com" that points to
if i send an email to this alias, i get no error message (like user unknow
or similar).
but the mail was not receive anyway. there is no messages in the "info"

i have vmail-sql version 0.7.
i try the same "select" command my exim use, (i look into mysql.log file)
and the results is OK.

this is the query:

SELECT remote_name
forwarder left join domain_alias on domain_alias.domain_name =
local_part = 'firstname.secondname' and (forwarder.domain_name =
'domain.com' or alias = 'domain.com');

result is:


my exim.conf is equal to the suggested config file in vmail-sql README

anyone coud help me?