[Vmail-discuss] maildir conversion / courier

Donovan Craig donovan at snapfrozen.com
Tue, 26 Aug 2003 09:21:39 +1000


I finally got courier working !

I now have to convert all the mailbox files to maildir. I have looked at using the mb2md tool but it doesn't seem to like the format of the default mailbox files we use.

Does anyone happen to have a script to do this conversion ? Or any ideas on how this can be done ?

BTW: Here's the winning config file for courier-imap 2.0.0 with vmail-sql. Note that I had to create a new crypted password field using mysql's encrypt() function.

MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE     SELECT popbox.local_part, popbox.password_hash2, popbox.clearpw, domain.gid, domain.uid, CONCAT(domain.path,'/', popbox.mbox_name,'_maildir'), CONCAT(domain.path, '/', popbox.mbox_name,'_maildir'), popbox.imap_quota, '' FROM popbox, domain WHERE popbox.local_part = '$(local_part)' AND popbox.domain_name = '$(domain)' AND popbox.domain_name = domain.domain_name

It's worth mentioning that this config file reads all white space and comments after the MYSQL_SELECT_CLAUSE.

Thank's to all who helped in getting this working.



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