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Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior jjunior at pib.com.br
16 Apr 2003 13:47:55 -0300

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On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 13:36, Manuel Giorgini wrote:
> [2003-04-16 18:22:28] Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior,
> JdPEJ> Yeah. Imap and pop, but tpop3d is waaay better :)
> Yeah, I wouldn't ever have considered it :-)

;) All praise to chris lite-foot :P (looks like an rpg character, maybe
a rogue or halfling... :P)

> JdPEJ> I just use IMAP for the webmail and courier does good.
> That's what I was looking for... how does it solve the "local folders
> problem"? Does it really work with virtual users? My final aim would be t=
> install Squirrelmail on our vmail-sql server.

What "local folders" problem? I just installed it, did that alterations
in the config file and it works fine...=20
I use squirrelmail too. Did some tweaking in the code to squirrel
automatically set the login name to (login got in form)@(host that the
guy used to access).

Then if a user acess webmail.cosanostra.com and writes gambino as the
username it will login in the courier-imap as gambino@cosanostra.com.
Very pratical :) Or you can just put user@domain in the login field.

> Thanks a bunch for your help!
> Cordialit=E0 / Best regards / Gxis la

Italiano / English / What the hell is that? ;)

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