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Donovan Craig donovan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 08:48:04 +1000

Hi Wash,

I'm guessing that the problem you are experiencing is in regard to
adding forwaders to popboxes within the domain.

"Invalid Email Address in Remote Part"

I put some reg exp checking in to ensure that the remote part is
''. This was before I knew about _default_ etc..
I'll have to extend the check to see if the local domain exists and
have some sort of functionality for catchalls.


Thursday, June 20, 2002, 11:51:26 PM, you wrote:

OW> * Donovan Craig <> [20020620 02:09]: wrote:
>> Hi Again,
>> After looking at the forwarder code, I can't seem to find any problems
>> with it.. maybe the problem you are experiencing is in regard to the
>> SQL schema you are using.. If possible, can you provide the SQL schema
>> you are using or compare the schema to the one provided..

OW> Hello Donovan,

OW> My schema is the original one that comes with vmail-sql. I did compare
OW> it with the one you gave and I see no diff (or maybe missed the diff):

OW> -- Table structure for table 'forwarder'
OW> --

OW> CREATE TABLE forwarder (
OW>   domain_name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
OW>   local_part varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
OW>   remote_name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
OW>   PRIMARY KEY  (domain_name(16),local_part(32))

>> Do you get any errors ?

OW> Yes, as you will see from the URL -

OW> domain =
OW> pass = my1secret

>> I have removed the 'help' area until I get some documentation done and
>> have replaced it with some new domain alias functionality.

OW> Looks good ;-)

OW> The only (minor) issue here would be when a naughty client inserts an
OW> alias there without asking ;-)
OW> I give clients passwords to their domains and I fear one dumb one may
OW> just add something there without asking! You can guess what would happen?

OW> Cheers!

OW> -Wash

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