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Donovan Craig donovan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:09:43 +1000

Hi Again,

After looking at the forwarder code, I can't seem to find any problems
with it.. maybe the problem you are experiencing is in regard to the
SQL schema you are using.. If possible, can you provide the SQL schema
you are using or compare the schema to the one provided..

Do you get any errors ?

I have removed the 'help' area until I get some documentation done and
have replaced it with some new domain alias functionality.

The new version is available at the same place:



Thursday, June 20, 2002, 3:48:48 AM, you wrote:

OW> * Donovan Craig <> [20020609 11:48]: wrote:
>> Hiya,
>> Maybe of the subject but since the app is only useful for vmail-sql..
>> here goes..
>> I downloaded VMC (a php front end) a while ago from
>> as linked to from the vmail-sql site and made a
>> heap of changes to it which I posted back to Derek. Derek then liked
>> the changes (I assume) and posted them his site for download as the
>> new version. 
>> Since then, I've fixed up the program (VMC) a whole heap more and have
>> fixed a heap of (large) bugs in the original, original code and tried
>> to mail Derek. However, as it goes his domain ( is
>> now unregistered and I cannot contact him. So anyway in order not to
>> waste all the work that has been done on myself, I have posted it at:
>> I plan to work on it a heap more and retain the 'VMC' name in memory
>> of Derek who seems to have disappeared. If anyone hears from or
>> happens to know Derek please let him know if possible.. 
>> In the meantime, I'll probably try to set something up at sourceforge
>> or something... & Chris, you may want to change the link on the vmail-sql
>> site..
>> If you are using 'VMC' I highly recommend using this new version as it
>> resolves a whole heap of issues including ALL domains being affected
>> on local part operations.

OW> Hello Donovan,

OW> It looks nice. Thanks for the good/hard work. However, TWO issues I discovered:

OW> 1. The forwarders (CLI - VE-forwarder add) doesn't seem to work
OW> 2. The Help file also doesn't link to any page.

OW> I may not have seen the above two documented (maybe I missed it)??

OW> Cheers!

OW> -Wash

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