[Vmail-discuss] Problems with the if and router condition...

Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior jjunior@pib.com.br
26 Dec 2002 16:07:51 -0200

Hello there.

I'm putting on a new exim4.10 using in part the vmail-sql databases.
Everything is working fine, but I'm really having trouble with the
syntax of the if and other things :)

look the router for spamassassim:

# Spam Assassin
#  check_local_user
  # When to scan a message :
  #   -   it isn't already flagged as spam
  #   -   it isn't already scanned
  condition = "${if and { {!def:h_X-Spam-Flag:} {!eq
{$received_protocol}{spam-scanned}}} {1}{0}}"
  driver = accept
  transport = spamcheck

What I want it to put one more condition for the check. this way, that
router gets all the messages that don't have passed throug spam-check
(the $received_protocol and X-Spam-Flag). I wnat it to check in the
popbox table of the virtualmail db, where exists a field called
"spamassassin", a INT(1) type field that I set to 1 to adresses that are
to be checked by spamassassin and to 0 for adressess without spam-check.

The thing is that I'm not getting the syntax of the add to do a lookup
in the mysql database on that condition.

Some help there? :)