[Vmail-discuss] vmail forwarder problem

Jakob Hirsch jh@plonk.de
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 23:28:12 +0200

Donovan Craig wrote:

> 2002-08-23 13:48:21 17i5Qr-0000eQ-00 Failed to find user "user.com.au
> user.com.au" from expanded string "${lookup mysql{select unix_user

Your query returns all matching answers and exim does not know how to
handle this, so you could add "distinctrow" (will give an error if there
are different answers) or "limit 1" (so only the first answer will be

domain_aliases are a little bit a problem. With our web-frontend we have
to have all domains in the domain table (normally aliased domains only
should appear in domain_aliases), so if the aliased domain is stored
before the domain it is aliased to, the query returns the path of the
aliased domain and the mail will be stored there. I thought about exim's
rewriting (ugly solution) or change our frontend, but writing this lines
I think it will be the easiest way to simply change the path of an
aliased domain and drop the domain_alias table (otherwise there will be
a information redundancy, even though the vmail-tables are not
completely normalised anyways). Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Bye, Jakob