[Vmail-discuss] VMAIL and Maildir deliveries

Jakob Hirsch jh@xxxxxxxx
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 19:41:20 +0200

Odhiambo Washington <wash@wananchi.biz> wrote:

> If that works let me know. I have a feeling it will and you can even
> add a mail directory spec to tpop3d.conf but I am wondering if anyone
> has gone the extra mile to have that maildir work with an imap setup,
> like courier.

If you setup Courier for imap you could also use it for pop3 instead of

I recently tried to setup sqwebmail (part of the courier package) to use
the same mysql-database as tpop3d and exim, but failed. switching to
courier would be an option, but I'm really too much satisfied with tpop
to switch to another software (and Courier can be painful because it's
hard to analyze if something fails).