[Vmail-discuss] Forwarding mail for all local_parts that don't have a popbox

Wayne Pascoe wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
14 Aug 2001 18:06:18 +0100

Hi there,

I would like to setup vmail-sql to send all mail for all users that
don't have a local part to a designated user per domain.

For example, I have a domain (molemanarmy.com) with 5 popboxes

If mail comes in for waynep@molemanarmy.com or
submissions@molemanarmy.com, I want that mail to go to the popbox for

Is this doable, and if so how? I know that it can be done with
standard Exim configs as follows :

  driver                = aliasfile
  include_domain        = yes
  file                  = /home/mail/db/forwardings.dbm
  search_type           = dbm*@
  user                  = mail
  group                 = mail
  file_transport        = address_file
  pipe_transport        = address_pipe

I believe that the important part here is the dbm*@ 

Then the file that creates the forwardings.dbm file would look as

wayne@molemanarmy.com      wayne
info@molemanarmy.com       wayne
fred@molemanarmy.com       fred
*@molemanarmy.com          wayne


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