[Vmail-discuss] exim.conf from debian system

Mark Longair mhl@xxxxxxxxx
12 Apr 2001 19:52:51 +0100

"Jeff" <cputek@home.com> writes:
> It would be really helpful to see a complete exim.conf from a debian
> system as there are many inconsistencies between a regular install of
> exim from source and the debian packages.

In fact, the only changes you have to make are those mentioned here:


Some further useful hints might be:

  - You need a line like this at the top of exim.conf:

       mysql_servers = "localhost/virtualemail/vmail/xxxxxx"

  - The bits that go in the directors configuration should be at the top
    of that section.

  - The bits that go in the transports configuration can go anywhere in
    that section.

Why don't you try that, and then let us know what problems you have?
They really are the only changes you should need from a vanilla Debian

Have you already set up the tables in MySQL?