[tpop3d-discuss]tpop3d+Exim with hashed maildir directories

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Sat, 29 May 2004 14:48:11 +0200

Odhiambo Washington wrote:

> is very stable. Thanks Chris for the outstanding work!


> If one has over 1k e-mail domains, it occurs to me that the hashed
> directory delivery method can give improved performance, yes?

That depends on the file system. AFAIK, fs like ReiserFS store them in a
tree, so searching
the search might even be faster than going through 4 additional

> At the moment I am using Vmail-sql and Exim delivering mail to
> /var/spool/virtual/$domain/$user/ - maildir format.
> I am thinking about hashing all this to something like:
> /var/spool/virtual/d/do/domain/u/us/user or something along those
> lines.

You have to options: Make your hashing when writing to the database or when
retrieving the data. The first requires changing the vmail-code, the second
requires changing the configuration, namely the query (with CONCAT and
LEFT). In general, I would prefer the second, but it requires changes in two
configurations, so YMMV.