[tpop3d-discuss] STATUS: header

ZUKERAN, shin shin at opus.or.jp
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 23:14:28 +0900

Hello Ben,

I appreciate your advice. 

In message <3D99DE87.6070008@blahr.com>, Ben Schumacher writes:
>As tpop3d uses MMAP to transfer data from a mail message 
>from the file system to the socket, it is probably not easy to modify 
>the content of the message during this transition. 

I agree strongly. 
It is the reason I asked by mail, without my making a patch.

>While POP3 clients are having problems as a result of the lack of a 
>status header? What are they relying on the status header for?

A certain user is using two mailers.
He uses a mailer in a separate place, different PCs.
Noone wants to read the same mail twice. 
And he wants to save all mails into one PC.

Therefore, STATUS: header is needed.

Although there are few situations which need this, to be sure, it is required. 

ZUKERAN, shin / shin@opus.or.jp