[tpop3d-discuss] STATUS: header

Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 11:42:31 -0600

I certainly don't intend to speak for Chris on this issue, but this may 
be difficult. As tpop3d uses MMAP to transfer data from a mail message 
from the file system to the socket, it is probably not easy to modify 
the content of the message during this transition. Doing this is 
incredibly efficient, and is part of the reason that tpop3d is one of 
the fastest POP3 servers that I've ever used.

While POP3 clients are having problems as a result of the lack of a 
status header? What are they relying on the status header for?

It is possible (its just code, after all) to modify this behavior, but 
you would probably sacrifice speed in doing so. I'm sure this could be 
included as an optional feature, if you felt like writing the code and 
contributing it back to the project.

Hope this helps,


shin@opus.or.jp wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> I have a question about behavior of topp3d.
> Some pop3 server returns STATUS: header, but tpop3d does not.
> Moreover, some pop3 clients are looking at the contents of STATUS header.
> Therefore, non-compatibility occurs at the time of move to tpop3d.
> When using tpop3d by maildir, required information exists in a file name,
> such as "something:2,S".
> Isn't there any method of sending it to pop3 client?
> Are there any good solution methods?
> ----
> ZUKERAN, shin / shin@opus.or.jp