[tpop3d-discuss] LDAP: Diff. users / mail addresses

Alexandre Hautequest hquest at linuxbr.com.br
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:44:43 -0300


First, sorry about my poor english.

I've sucessfully installed TPOP3d in my machine. It is authenticating aga=
ins a
LDAP server, and it's working quite well.

Now i have some trouble -- or a config mistake -- that i couldn't solve b=
myself neither reading docs/faqs/sources.


I have a user, called hquest. It has his LDAP mail address set to
hquest@host1.com.br. So i use "mailbox: bsd:/var/spool/mail/$(local_part)=
" in
tpop3d.conf and he can read his mails. This is ok.

And i have a second user, called calvin. It has his LDAP mail address set=
hquest@host2.com.br. If i log in as this user, i see "hquest" messages.

So i've made a quick "hack". I've changed to "mailbox:
bsd:/var/spool/tpop3d/$(user)" in tpop3d.conf and create a symlink from h=
original mail (/var/spool/mail/calvin) to hquest@host2.com.br and the sam=
e for
the other user.

Yes, it works. But i can't do this in a 6000 user environment and 40 doma=

Has any other variable i can use, a patch, or something?

I'm using OpenLDAP 2.0.23, tpop3d-1.4.1 and sendmail-8.12.3, and really d=
plan to change anything, specially sendmail.

Thanks in advance.

Alexandre Hautequest -- hquest at linuxbr.com.br
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