[tpop3d-discuss] segfault on bad password

prune prune at lecentre.net
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:13:27 +0200

Michael wrote:

>I compiled on 2 versions with the same results. I note that the segfault
>occurs on Solaris (8) only. Linux compilation, using the same ldap
>server for auth, works just fine.
>Also- since we are in the process of converting from NIS auth to LDAP
>auth, I tested tpop3d with password auth, and it works fine.
>I believe it is related to auth_ldap.c, but- not being a strong coder-
>I'm not able to properly analyze the code.

last time, you sent errors when compiling....

are these still happening ?
can you send me the config.log, and the whole debug of the make ?

what does ldd on tpop3d give ?

If the problem only occures on solaris, it's probably a compilation 
problem. maybe coming from libs or includes....

I would like to be sure :
-configure works
-make works
-starting tpop3d works

it only fail when the supplied password is not good ?
what do you see in ldap logs then ?

Send me that, I'll have a look. I don't have a solaris to test, indeed.