[tpop3d-discuss] maildir support broken on 1.3.5 (or is it just me that's broken)?

Kevin Brokaw kevinb at infolane.com
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:37:29 -0800

Chris Lightfoot wrote:

> >
> > ./configure --enable-auth-passwd  --enable-shadow-passwords       \
> >     --enable-auth-mysql --disable-auth-pam --enable-mbox-maildir  \
> >     --disable-mbox-mailspool
> I can't reproduce your problem here. One thing to note is
> that --disable-mbox-mailspool is not a correct configure
> option; it should be --disable-mbox-bsd. However, this
> should not lead to the problem you describe.

Ok... my bad. I threw that flag in before recompiling 1.3.4 and 
1.3.5 for comparison purposes. 

> For MySQL, the mailbox type is determined from the
> database (this is new in 1.3.5 -- previously it used the
> default, first mailbox type which was BSD unless the
> source was modified or BSD mailspool support was removed).
> Could you tell me the output of tpop3d -h?

Perhaps I didn't look closely enough at the changes for 1.3.5. 
Currently I specify the mailbox type in the tpop3d.conf thusly:

mailbox: maildir:/var/spool/mail/$(domain)/$(user)

Rereading README.auth_mysql , I see 
there's a sample SQL query construct:

   SELECT CONCAT(domain.path, '/', popbox.mbox_name),
          popbox.password_hash, domain.unix_user, 'mailspool'
      FROM popbox, domain
      WHERE popbox.local_part = $(local_part)
      AND popbox.domain_name = $(domain)
      AND popbox.domain_name = domain.domain_name

The statement following this indicates:

 The trailing field, `mailspool' is the mailbox type
   to use. Alternative schemes may have mailbox types specified in the

I'm deducing now that this is what you allude to above (ie, the mailspool
type being taken from MySQL) There isn't any reference as to the format
of the entry... is it simply "maildir" or "bsd", and is it set in the "domain" 
table or the "popbox" table (can't tell from the README, since the SELECT
addresses both tables concurrently). If I'm on the right track now, that 
may be my answer, although it's a bit obscure, seeing as how it represents a
logic change
for the (admittedly small) number of users employing maildirs and MySQL.

I would suggest for future revisions that the default mailspool format should be 
first what is coded in the tpop3d.conf file (for the sake of backwards
since in prior versions the config file overrode the internal core logic. Only
if it's not specifically overridden in the config file should it revert to 
compiled-in support in the order which it was compiled.

At least I think I'm on the right track now... thanks much! 


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