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I travel for work; as you may surmise, eating healthy is not always easy. This little blender, however, helps me do just that. It is small and light and easy to pack. Many of 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b o4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3br reviews state that it is not that good of a blender (eg. weak, doesn't crush ice, burns out, etc.) but what do you expect for a little blender? That's like using a snow shovel but expecting it to get 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b work done of a snow plow. Does 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b job, just not as fast - purely because of it's size. If size is not as important to you as it is to me (being that I travel), 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3bn I would recommend a different blender. But for what I do, I think it's perfect. I find it blends everything I need it to (from frozen fruit to cubes of ice) PROVIDED THAT I blend everything gradually and add items incrementally. I have at times gotten a "burnt engine" smell from 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b blender when pushing it too hard, but now I know where it's limits are. I have been using it for 2 years and have not had any problems. I bought this blender to do Isogenix shakes (8 oz water/ice mix with 2 scoops of protein powder). Blender worked OK for two weeks except I had to use a spatula to push unblended powder down into 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b liquid to get it to mix completely. After two weeks, 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b motor quit and I am sending it back to Amazon for a refund. BTW, 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b Isogenix blender seems to work better but had o4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3br issues (ice chipped away 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b plastic housing on 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b blade shaft). I purchased this little blender in hopes of getting something like a Magic Bullet, and I was very disappointed. It barely blended 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b little bit I put in it: some basil and garlic, trying to make pesto. I ended up purchasing a Bella Rocket Blender, which is considerable less expensive than 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b Magic Bullet, and I'm very pleased with it! I just gave 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b little Hamilton Beach blender to 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b Goodwill. In my opinion, it's worthless. I just bought this blender in order to make smoothies. I was excited because of its small size and inexpensive price, but was very disappointed when I tried it this morning. I put some frozen fruit and some juice into 4658c8b5677ad9597d23eb584c341a3b blender and it took me almost ten minutes of pulsing and scraping down