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<Br><br>Pop quiz: what's the top category of books on Amazon.com?<br>
Here's a hint: it's called literotica, and according to the sales numbers, as many women buy these books as<br>
there are men who subscribe to "adult" websites.<br>
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Basically, it's the stuff that women get off to. And every year, hundreds of millions of women devour it. My<br>
friend Christian spent a few years analyzing it and figuring out how to use its secrets on women:<br>
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This is *really* controversial but as long as you are not a feminist and want to know the truth about what<br>
women want, you're going to love it.<br>
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A man with a knife hijacked a school bus in central Arkansas Thursday morning, taking 11 elementary school students and their original driver on a detour that police ended after a roughly 10-mile chase, authorities said.
Nicholas John Miller, 22, was arrested after the incident, which began in the Little Rock suburb of Jacksonville and ended in nearby Cabot, Jacksonville police Capt. Kenny Boyd said.
The bus had stopped nearby, and Miller left the woman, boarded the bus and, armed with the knife, took over the driver's seat, Jacksonville police said.
Miller was being charged Thursday with a felony count of vehicle piracy, 12 felony counts of kidnapping, and two felony counts of aggravated assault, Jacksonville police spokeswoman April Kiser said.