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Another day, another apology from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, this time for crude comments about oral sex he made Thursday morning.
But by afternoon, he had a television show.
The day started with Ford -- who admitted last week that he had smoked crack cocaine in a "drunken stupor" about a year ago -- facing explosive new allegations of drunkenness, drug use and the verbal and physical abuse of aides. In the course of answering the allegations, he denied a female staffer's allegation that he sought to perform oral sex with graphic language of his own, stunning the reporters who surrounded him.
Soon afterward, his wife at his side, Ford went back before reporters to say he had been under "tremendous, tremendous stress" and was getting unspecified support from "a team of health care professionals." But he called the latest allegations "100% lies."
 Toronto mayor sorry for graphic remarks Toronto mayor: 'I really f-ed up' What's next for Rob Ford?
"When you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, I see red. Today I acted on complete impulse in my remarks," Ford said. He took no questions from reporters, who shouted sharp inquiries at him as he entered the office.
"Mayor Ford, why should we believe you? Why would you subject your family to this?" one asked.
"What's the matter with you, Mr. Mayor?" another said.
The Toronto City Council voted 37-5 on Wednesday to ask Ford to take a leave of absence, and most members turned their backs on him when he addressed their Thursday meeting.
Ford's brother Doug, a city council member, is urging him to take a leave of absence, a council source told CNN on condition of anonymity. The source did not want to be identified.
The city council, meanwhile, has scheduled a special meeting on Monday to consider a motion to delegate duties not assigned by statute to the mayor. If approved, the motion would strip Ford of most of his duties.
Among other things the motion calls for reallocating the operating budget of the office of the mayor to the city clerk, according the council's agenda published online.
But in a new twist, Canada's Sun News Network announced that Ford and his brother Doug will begin hosting their own TV show on Monday. The show, "Ford Nation," picks up where the two brothers left off on a talk radio show that ended its run last week, the network said on its website.
A headline on that site posed the question, "Canada's Ultimate Reality Show?" And it quoted Doug Ford saying, "Rob is like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh" and "You just never know what he is going to say."
"Mayor Ford seems to be in a no-holds-barred mode," the network said. "There is no filter. There is no careful treading."
Critics of Sun News Network have described its conservatism as "Fox News North," according to a story about its launch in 2011 by the Toronto Globe and Mail.
Ford also recently confessed to having purchased illegal drugs in the past two years, while he was in office. But he has steadfastly refused to step down, saying the voters of Canada's largest city should decide his fate in 2014.
The latest allegations surfaced Wednesday in more than 500 pages of court documents that police used to get a search warrant for Alexander Lisi, Ford's friend and occasional driver, whom police accuse of marijuana possession and trafficking.
Ford responded Thursday morning by threatening legal action against former staffers who claimed the mayor brought a woman appearing to be an escort to his office and drank alcohol while driving. The documents include police interviews with former staff members, information obtained from surveillance crews and cameras, and even an examination of the mayor's garbage.
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