[Vmail-discuss] HPGI Finds Gold

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Thu, 15 Nov 2007 19:50:29 +0100

Gold Investor Newsletter
HPGI is up 20% today as investors move for safe haven from falling

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Banks and investors are holding on to gold reserves as the US dollar
continues to drop. Gold prices continue to rise and have now broken $800
per ounce; a price w did not expect to see till later next year.

New technology has uncovered large deposits in Suriname, a country know
for its gold since the 1700's but has until now not been fully explored.

HPGI has a 720 sq mile property right in the middle of the Gold Belt In
Suriname. Cutting edge technology has already revealed rich deposits at
nearly 4 ounces per ton.

Essential Things For Your Consideration

1. Depletion in supplies has caused Gold to climb from $600 to over $800
an once since January.
2. Demand for Gold supplies is at a n all time high. Analysts believe
these demands and not only holding but increasing in many areas.
3. HPGI's use of cutting edge technology has maximized there ability to
find gold deposits. Their experienced management team has also been able
to accomplish this while keeping costs down during exploration.
4. Over 50 Million ounces of Gold has been extracted from the Guiana
Shield. Hemisphere's property is surrounded by gold producing mines and
advanced stage exploration projects.
5. Gold has continued to be a strong foundation for financial security

HPGI is launching a huge media campaign concerning the gold market and
there recent discoveries starting next week. The media already out on
this company has already pushed share prices up over 120% in the last 30
days. HPGI needs to be top on your list for your next investment.