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November Update
HPGI is making waves in the gold market with latest news on gold!

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.20 UP 20%

Gold prices are soaring as investors are seeking safe havens from the
spiraling US Dollar. With gold prices up over $200 to $812/ounce demands
for gold are increasing.

Suriname is the biggest name in the Gold market as recent findings have
shown huge deposits and over 50 Million ounces have already been

A Junior Mining and exploration group, Hemisphere Gold, has a 72,000
hectare property that, following advanced exploration, has already shown
rich gold deposits right in the middle of the largest mines in Suriname.

Essential Things For Your Consideration

1. Up nearly 33% so far this year, gold is making a powerful Bull Run.
2. The Asian demand for gold has been increasing exponentially in their
high growth economy, yet the market is not able to meet the demand.
3. Hemisphere's cutting edge technology allows them to maximizing its
ability to find gold deposits while there management skills are keeping
costs under control.
4. Suriname is in the middle of a modern day Gold rush. HPGI's property
is in the middle of one of the highest producing gold deposits in the
5. Gold can prove to be a great financial safe haven during times of
instability in the dollar.

With all the news on this company and the pending marketing campaign to
increase investors awareness, Hemisphere has the potential to provide
fantastic returns to its early investors. Read the news, review the
website and check out the profiles that were just released on
“Stockguru”. This could be the top investment for the year.