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Wed, 14 Nov 2007 12:22:33 -0600

The Golden News
Gold investors find safe haven as the US Dollar continues to drop.

Hemisphere Gold (HPGI) $1.00

Gold prices are soaring as investors are seeking safe havens from the
spiraling US Dollar. With gold prices up over $200 to $812/ounce demands
for gold are increasing.

Over 50 million ounces have already been extracted from large deposits
in the Gold belt in Suriname. This small country is now becoming one of
the largest suppliers of gold in the market.

HPGI has a 720 sq mile property right in the middle of the Gold Belt In
Suriname. Cutting edge technology has already revealed rich deposits at
nearly 4 ounces per ton.

5 Things You Should Consider

1. Depletion in supplies has caused Gold to climb from $600 to over $800
an once since January.
2. The 90's were lacking in enough development and exploration for more
gold deposits; this has left us with a shortage in gold to supply
current market demands and huge increases in the price of gold.
3. Hemisphere's level of expertise in geology and financial management
gives it a clear edge in this current market.
4. Suriname is in the middle of a modern day Gold rush. HPGI's property
is in the middle of one of the highest producing gold deposits in the
5. Hemisphere chief geologist has worked with the largest gold companies
in Suriname including Newmont and IAMGOLD. These relationships will
prove useful during a large gold strike.

Hemisphere is launching a large media campaign next week with the intent
of raising investor awareness of there recent findings in Suriname. This
may be the best time to review the company’s website and check out
profiles on sites like “Stockguru”. Move fast on it this week and get
ahead of next week’s media hit.