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CAON Now Holds 12 Environmental Patents! Investors Respond!

Chan-On International Inc.
Symbol: CAON
Close: $0.72 UP 4.35%

CAON acquires Harbin Hongbo and its 12 patents. This company's new
direction was released in a fact sheet Friday. Investors are already
jumping all over it. Read the release and get all over CAON first thing

The Pennsylvania Psychological Association has drafted legislation that
will restrict this process in that state. List all Journal entries This
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We used to crumble bacon into the eggs, or sausage. And my first recipe
on this blog was for a dish with smoked salmon, caramelized onions and
scrambled eggs.

I've been listening to the Nick Drake and Thievery Corporation songs
more than is healthy. Poker night, drinks and wings after work, the
works. We'll see if it's survivable. My starting wage is good.
Pick and choose, and experiment. Poker night, drinks and wings after
work, the works. Researchers have apparently discovered a way to make
pork products not merely tasty, but better for you. It takes longer, but
you can make the food go further, AND you can freeze them.
Then, to finish it off, brush the remaining butter all over the top of
the pie, making sure you get it good and wet with it. This is especially
true if they never completed their own therapy.

It's easier to take a medication once a day than twice a day - and a
sustained release version may insure a more steady blood level of the
medication. I cooked dinner for The Girl on Saturday night: roast
free-range chicken, garlic and herb smashed potatoes, steamed broccoli
and lemon-dill carrots.

While the first single, "Experimental Film", now famous from the Homstar
Runner video, sounds much like "Purple Toupee" from Lincoln, the sound
is still fresh and geek-pop at its best. "A Theory of Unconscious
Thought". Not spectacular, but better than I'm used to getting at a new
job, and better than that of my peers at the office.
There's a whole long story behind the manifold weird coincidences that
brought us together after our previous contact four or five years ago,
but I won't get into that here. Stir occasionally until the carrots
begin to caramelize; at this point, they should still be fairly crunchy
while gaining sweetness from the sugar and the caramelization.

You could warm it up slightly before it's to go in the oven, but you
want to be careful it doesn't get too hot first.

Everything is really coming together for you, at last.

Two tablespoons of indescribable chicken parts of unknown origin,
swimming in cream of mushroom soup. Many therapists are required to
complete lenghty paperwork after every few sessions of psychotherapy in
order to request "authorization" for additional sessions.