[Vmail-discuss] Parsing Script

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:25:55 +0100

Bob Wyman wrote:

> I  still have been unable to get this to work. Everything I try breaks 
> the virtual delivery transports. 

Put a router before the ones for vmail in your exim.conf that is only 
hit by info@companyname.com (e.g. with domains/local_parts, condition or 
...), calling your script inside a transport but, by having self = pass 
in your router, going on to the other routers. (is this possible? don't 
know, but should be)

If your script modifies the mail you're maybe better off to use a system 

Or, probably the easiest solution, if you just want to deliver the same 
mail to your script and through vmail, you could vmail-forward it to 
info@... (to deliver it there) and to your-cms@cms.company.com, putting 
cms.company.com in your local_domains (but not in your vmail-domains) 
and putting "your-cms: |your-script.pl" into /etc/aliases.

(just some ideas that came to my mind...)