[Vmail-discuss] Exim4 and vmail-sql (copy localmail to other...)

Benoit Lathiere b.lathiere at ism.asso.fr
Wed, 07 Apr 2004 15:37:03 +0200

Hi !

A "simple" way to do that if I understood your request, is to forward to another address AND copy 
mail to the same address.
Example :
send : email@foo.com
receiver box : email@foo.com
another box : director@domain.com

`VE-forwarder add foo.com email 'email@foo.com, director@domain.com' `
`VE-forwarder add foo.com email 'email@foo.com, another_guy@foo.com' `

When a mail is for email@foo.com, a copy will be sended to director@domain.com (or to 

Tip : use comma to do copies.
Remember don't do redondant forwards, but I think Exim is quite good to don't loop infinitely.

Is my answer readable ? LOL :-)


Nick a écrit:
> Hello world,
> please help. I've exim 4.xx and vmail-sql and would like to make a copy
> (forward/alias which one?) of incoming messages to local_virtual_mailbox
> (which have a entry in popbox table of the mysql base) to another
> reciever which I wrote in forwarder table.
> By another words, I would like to use popbox and forwarder tables
> together. Is it possible?
> This is the fragment of my working configuration exim.conf file: