[Vmail-discuss] vmail smtp auth

Donovan Craig donovan at snapfrozen.com
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 15:42:32 +1000


I got SMTP auth working using MySQL in vmail-sql.

Due to the way the passwords are encrypted, I found that I couldn't
use the existing password field so I added one to the domain table
which seems to work ok.

alter table domain add smtp_auth varchar(20) default null;

I know it's not the most secure way of doing it but it works for what
I need.


begin authenticators
  driver = cram_md5
  public_name = CRAM-MD5
  server_secret = ${lookup mysql{select smtp_auth from domain \
                   where domain_name = '$1' and smtp_auth !=
''}{$value}fail}  server_set_id = $1