[Vmail-discuss] Courier

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:30:39 +0200

Donovan Craig wrote:

> I am still having problems trying to get courier-imap going with
> vmail-sql.
> Firstly. What happens when using BSD mailboxes ? Do I need to be
> using MailDir ?

yes, courier supports only maildir, I think.

> My structure seems to be a little different than the example provided
> as I am using {md5}. I have made mysql log and have been watching
> courier run the query, here is what is being returned. Any ideas why
> this won't authenticate ?

courier's logging is very bad in general, especially for debugging. Recently
I read about a additional programm to help debugging, but can't remember
right now.

>> local_part | TRIM('{md5}' FROM popbox.password_hash) | gid  | uid  |
>> clearpw | CONCAT(domain.path,'/', popbox.mbox_name)      |
>> CONCAT(domain.path, '/', popbox.mbox_name)     | imap_quota |  |

Where did you get this from? Courier expects this fields:
username, cryptpw, clearpw, uid, gid, home, maildir, quota, fullname

concluding from the example in authmysqlrc, crpytpw needs {MD5} in front,
the field clearpw is in the wrong position etc.