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Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior jjunior at pib.com.br
17 Apr 2003 11:31:44 -0300

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On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 11:19, Manuel Giorgini wrote:
> [2003-04-17 16:07:20] Jose de Paula Eufrasio Junior,
> >> I wouldn't joke on somebody's name if I had a five-word name...
> JdPEJ> My father has a very short imagination :)
> Yeah :-)


> JdPEJ> Ah, can't say nothing about it... I use maildir storage in Exim an=
> JdPEJ> courier... wait... courier is written exclusively for maildir, I t=
> JdPEJ> As far as I know, my users can create their own folders and that d=
> JdPEJ> mess with their pop connections.
> Oh I see. I know almost nothing about maildir unfortunately. We use bsd.

Maildir is faster, more reliable and more simple and logic... :) I
strongly recomend the use of Maildir instead of bsd mbox...

> JdPEJ> Do you want the code? Well.. it's not tested yet. But as soon as I=
> JdPEJ> I will send it.
> No, I meant just the pages. But it's less urgent now...

As soon as I put the pages working I'll send the adress to you.

> >> JdPEJ> Italiano / English / What the hell is that? ;)
> >> Esperanto. (http://www.cursodeesperanto.com.br/)
> JdPEJ> Is what I think that it is...  :)
> I don't follow you. I am an esperanto speaker, and I am quite happy of it=
> I speak it better than I speak english. I think it asks very little and i=
> offers a lot. I have met lots of people. Brazil is one of the most active
> countries lately. Last year's annual congress of esperanto speakers has
> been held in Fortaleza. I couldn't come there unfortunately, but i've hea=
> it's been great.

Sorry, my english is very messy sometimes. I think that "Gxis la" was
esperanto in the first time I read it, I was just checking. :)

And yes, I know a lot of esperanto speakers, but never had the
time/interest to really estudy it.

Jos=E9 de Paula Eufr=E1sio J=FAnior
Analista de Sistema | CPD
ProInternet do Brasil

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