[Vmail-discuss] suggestion for domain-aliases

Jakob Hirsch jh@plonk.de
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 17:11:59 +0200


Wouldn't it be easier and better to handle domain-aliases by a separate
director like this one:

 driver = aliasfile
 search_type = mysql
 query = "SELECT CONCAT('$local_part@', domain_name) FROM domain_alias
WHERE alias = '$domain'"
 forbid_file = true
 forbid_pipe = true

I know this is not really aliasing, but rewriting the domain-part. Pro
is that you can forward a whole domain to another even if it's not
hosted on your mailserver, con is that you cannot have popboxes and
forwarders on an domain_alias any more. Main pro for me is that I don't
have to use this strange LEFT JOIN constructs, which I must admit I do
not really understand.

Bye, Jakob