[Vmail-discuss] Vmail-SQL : VMC

Odhiambo Washington wash@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 20:48:48 +0300

* Donovan Craig <donovan@snapfrozen.com> [20020609 11:48]: wrote:
> Hiya,
> Maybe of the subject but since the app is only useful for vmail-sql..
> here goes..
> I downloaded VMC (a php front end) a while ago from
> etherealdesign.com/vmc/ as linked to from the vmail-sql site and made a
> heap of changes to it which I posted back to Derek. Derek then liked
> the changes (I assume) and posted them his site for download as the
> new version. 
> Since then, I've fixed up the program (VMC) a whole heap more and have
> fixed a heap of (large) bugs in the original, original code and tried
> to mail Derek. However, as it goes his domain (etherealdesign.com) is
> now unregistered and I cannot contact him. So anyway in order not to
> waste all the work that has been done on myself, I have posted it at:
> http://snapfrozen.com/vmc/vmc-latest.tar.gz
> I plan to work on it a heap more and retain the 'VMC' name in memory
> of Derek who seems to have disappeared. If anyone hears from or
> happens to know Derek please let him know if possible.. 
> In the meantime, I'll probably try to set something up at sourceforge
> or something... & Chris, you may want to change the link on the vmail-sql
> site..
> If you are using 'VMC' I highly recommend using this new version as it
> resolves a whole heap of issues including ALL domains being affected
> on local part operations.

Hello Donovan,

It looks nice. Thanks for the good/hard work. However, TWO issues I discovered:

1. The forwarders (CLI - VE-forwarder add) doesn't seem to work
2. The Help file also doesn't link to any page.

I may not have seen the above two documented (maybe I missed it)??



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