[Vmail-discuss] copying mail to another popbox

Odhiambo Washington wash@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 16:25:27 +0300

* Peter Salvage <wizard@sybaweb.com> [20020521 22:51]: wrote:
> Hi all
> Is it possible to have mail that is delivered to a virtual domain popbox also to
> be delivered to another popbox as well, without the use of forwarders?
> One of our clients whose mail we handle wants mail that is being delivered to
> the popbox employeeA@domain.com to also be delivered to the popbox
> employeeB@domain.com

I do this at the MTA level. I use Exim with the famous system filter and so I can do

if first_delivery and $header_to: contains "employeeA@domain.com"
  then unseen deliver employeeB@domain.com

This doesn't cause a 'significant delivery' so it basically does a copy (not CC though)

I don't know about any other MTA's way ofhandling this ;-)
I just use Exim+Tpop3d+Vmail-sql


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