[Vmail-discuss] I am (newbie) trouble on DebianBox with the combo exim-mysql vmail-sql tpop3d vmc

Stefan Kosak stefan@xxxxxxxx
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 21:49:06 +0200


- exim package on debian have no mysql support  (if i self compile have dependency problem )
- tpop3d  cannot compile ->  fail  on PAM  auth modul 
- installed vmail-sql  as  perl + CGI solution, but no  .html  or .pl  or .cgi  file here as  starting point to administering
- i leave vmc (think this is very easy to install), to much overall problem  :)

I have a hobby server  with some not commercial domain,  cannot pay anyone  USD 200 / hour  for help me.
Any another way ?

Stefan Kosak