[Vmail-discuss] popboxes MAX

Odhiambo Washington wash@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:28:28 +0300

* Paul Warren <pdw@ex-parrot.com> [20020109 20:17]: wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 07:59:45PM +0300, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> > > > This sort of things should really be implemented as a DB level
> > > > constraint, but I suspect that MySQL doesn't support this (future TODO:
> > > > move to postgres :-)
> > 
> > Jesus!... I just learnt the little bits about MySQL from our webmaster so that
> > I can implement this and he's still training me. He's not into PostgreSQL.
> > Does that mean I am sunk this early????
> > Sorry...I hope it can be possible with MySQL, even..
> It can be done (and was done previously) when based on MySQL, but it
> needs to be implemented by the code before changes are committed to the
> database.
> Having used both MySQL and PostgreSQL, I prefer Postgres, by MySQL use
> is certainly more widespread.
> > > It's a possibility....
> > 
> > Only it cannot be right away, in the form of a patch or something??
> Changing to Postgres would be a fair amount of work.  Implementing a
> limit on POP boxes in Perl can be done with a relatively simple patch.
> NB This limit was only ever implemented in the web interface - it was
> never in the command line scripts, on the grounds that if you have
> access to the command line scripts you can change the pop box limit
> anyway...
> Paul

Since I am still a beginner, I am now quite divided whether to go the
PostgreSQL or MySQL way. I also just wanted this limitation on the 
web interface. Is that also painful to get working with MySQL? I hate
to put you guys to work when you've not planned it. It's just a humble
request but I sincerely feel you should ignore it if it calls for so
much work. Is PostgreSQL the chosen backend for tpop3d/vmail? If so
then I have no alternative ;-)



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