[Vmail-discuss] Help

Paul Warren pdw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 16:55:55 +0100

> (0.4) Database upgrade required
> The database format for storing password hashes has changed.  Please review
> and
> apply db/upgrade-0.4.sql before using this version of vmail.
> (0.5) Database upgrade required
> The database tables for popboxes and forwarders are altered slightly for
> this
> release. Please review and apply db/upgrade-0.5.sql before using this
> version of
> vmail.
> (0.5) Exim config update required
> The Exim configuration has been altered for this release to support aliasing
> of
> domains.  Please see the config in the README file.
> Somebody can help me.  Thousand thanks

I'm afraid that these errors are entirely spurious - you may simply
ignore them if this is a new install.  For some reason, it thinks that
you have a previous version is installed and that you will therefore
need to manually make various updates to your DB / Exim setup.

As long as you have correctly set up your database and Exim you should
be fine.

I'll get this fixed shortly - apologies for such a stupid bug.