[Vmail-discuss] Vmail, exim local_domains, bouncing local users

Caleb Crome ccrome@xxxxxxxxx
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:03:55 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Chris,
    I'm using vmail-sql, which is quite nifty.  However, I have a comment and a problem.  

First the comment.  You don't mention the 'local_domains' parameter in your README about the exim
configuration.  I think you should tell the user that each virtual domain needs to be in the
local_domains list.  To that end, it might as well be a mysql lookup, so you don't have to
maintain different lists.

So, here's what works for me:

local_domains = mysql; SELECT domain_name FROM domain where domain_name = '$key';

Now, for my problem:

How do I prevent local delivery of mail to a virtual domain to an email address that has a local
part that matches a local user, but doesn't match any user in the domain?

For example, I have a local host, named localhost.com, and a virtual host called virtualhost.com. 
I have a local user named 'caleb'.  There is no 'caleb' user in virtualhost.com, nor is there a
default for virtualhost.com.   Mail to caleb@localhost.com should be delivered locally, but mail
to caleb@virtualhost.com should be bounced.  With the current set up, mail to
caleb@virtualhost.com is being delivered locally, which is a bad thing.


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