[Vmail-discuss] vmail and local username conflict

Marcin Pacyna mpacyna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tue, 29 May 2001 10:34:43 -0400

It all depends on exim setup - I'd suggest that you look into the
"include_domain" directive in exim or change the order of directors in
exim's config file.

ps. rodak? :)


Marcin Pacyna
System Administrator
Nexvision Interactive

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I've been using vmail with exim for quite some time now.
Currently one problem bothers me: I've got a local (/etc/passwd) user called
'xyz' and vmail user (in MySQL) 'xyz@example.com'.

Whenever a mail is sent to xyz@example.com, the first user takes
precedence and mail is delivered to his spool file. In my setup
I'd prefer delivery to virtual user. How can it be done?


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